About Us—-We Pool and Share Content!

Our columnists pool and share article information with other columnists in our organization. We believe our approach provides the best options for our readers, providing easy to understand, focused information.

We believe in pooled and shared content!

Local Content Is Good Business Bill Broich

Syndicated Columnists are local community-based writers who provide locally-based articles rather than accumulating and publishing news from a “huge” national news aggregator. We believe that the local reader wants to read the information provided by local experts in their community.

Mission—Pool and Share, a Unique and Novel Approach.

Syndicated Columnists provide original content aimed at the financial market. Articles are diverse, easy to understand, and targeted to the average reader.  Our columnists pool and share article information to provide the highest quality experience for our readers.    

Members of Syndicated Columnists are local businessmen and women who also write and provide financial articles on two or more national platforms. The goal is to bring the quality of informational writing to the local market.  “We believe Local Content is Good Business.”

Over the years, local contributors have replaced this approach by generalists providing information for the local market from a central news hub often located far from the actual newspaper’s location; our goal is to reverse that trend and using our unique and novel system of Share and Pool, we are able to provide solid articles regarding financial information.

Syndicated Columnists provide high-quality columns about popular financial issues for newspapers, magazines, and websites. These columns of approximately 600 words in AP Style are written by local financial planning experts serving the same communities that the publications cover. Our editorial philosophy centers on transparency about financial and economic issues by providing newsreaders with tangible information they can turn into action to help improve their lives. These columns are offered without charge to allow our authors to connect with the community readership.

How We Work—We Pool and Share

Our Pooled and Share approach to articles is greatly appealing to the local reader. Once approved, articles are submitted to the editorial staff as directed on a consistent schedule that supports the publication’s deadlines.

As the articles gain readership, we like to support the publication with display ads featuring the columnist and an opportunity to receive our Safe Money Book for free. It is in its 15th edition with over 100,000 copies in circulation, it has helped thousands of people understand their options to create a risk-free retirement.